"Welcome to the cafeteria of the German Center for Astrophysics."

Vorstellung des DZA auf dem Kalhbaum-Areal

"Welcome to the cafeteria of the German Center for Astrophysics." Twice Christian Stegmann greeted more than one hundred visitors at the Day of the Open Monument in the large hall of the Kahlbaum-Areal.

The headquarters of the German Center for Astrophysics is to be built there, near the center of Görlitz. The Center for Data Science, the Technology Center, the Center for Innovation and Transfer (ZIT) and a visitor center are planned here; an open science campus embedded in the city that combines the old and the new. In his presentation, Christian Stegmann spoke not only about the possible future of the historic site, but also that of the region. With the DZA, a national center with international visibility is to be created that will attract people to Lusatia in Saxony and offer a wide range of connecting points for technology development and digitization.

The decision on this will be made in a few weeks. In addition to Christian Stegmann, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Besold, Katharina Henjes-Kunst and Dr Maria Haupt from the DZA team were on site. A big thank you goes to Julia Kubis, the representative of the owner company of the Kahlbaum-Areal for her great support.

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