Our Mission:

We make cognition possible.

We are building an astrophysical center for research, technology and digitalization with a forward-looking research and development program and laying the foundations for tomorrow's society.

We open new windows to the cosmos.

We explore the fundamental structures of the universe and link the entire spectrum of different cosmic messengers. We participate in large-scale international observatories. In this way, we expand the world's astronomical knowledge and secure Germany's leading position in international astrophysics.

We are drivers of progress.

We develop new technologies and drive innovation. In this way, we create jobs of the future in the region and secure the technological sovereignty of Germany and Europe.

We are making digitalization green.

We bring together data streams from astronomical observatories around the globe and develop new methods for resource-efficient computing. In this way, we are shaping the digital transformation of society in an environmentally friendly way, while at the same time securing prosperity and progress.

We bring knowledge to bear.

We ensure knowledge and technology transfer and share our know-how. We work in close-knit regional, national, international and interdisciplinary networks and thus become a magnet for industrial settlements and a nucleus for spin-offs and start-ups.

We promote the next generation.

We inspire enthusiasm for science and technology and build on education from kindergarten and school through training to university. In this way, we create sustainable prospects for young people in the region and secure the demand for skilled workers.

We are a center in the region of Lusatia.

We will become a center with international appeal that is closely rooted in the region and contributes to identity formation. Together with partners from business, politics, civil society and local people, we are driving forward structural change.